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Our Food Service offering contains a comprehensive range of buffet serving bowls, buffet platters, salad crocks, display trays, and serving trays, wooden crates, cake displays, chafers, chafing fuel, and serving utensils. In this rapidly developing sector where the display of food is becoming ever more important and ever more creative our range will help you keep ahead of the competition and up with the latest industry trends. With our range from leading suppliers such as Royal Genware, APS, Olympia, Dalebrook and Carlisle make sure your business has the right Food Service products.
  • Buffet Display

    We supply a full range of Buffet Display products including Wicker Baskets, Crocks and Dishes, Melamine Crocks and Dishes, Polycarbonate Bowls, Food Boards, Cheeseboards, Bread Roll Dispensers, Cereal Dispensers, Cake Stands, Food Coolers / Warmers, Cooling Display Units, Plate Covers and Spacers, Plate Cloches, Plate Spacers, Plate Rings, Plate Covers, Platters and Dishes, Seafood Platters, Snail Dishes, Mussel Pots, Stainless Steel Serving Trays and Display Trays. These products are designed to complement the foods you are serving and withstand heavy wear and tear.
  • Chafing Dishes and Fuel

    Our range of Chafing Dishes and Fuel features Traditional and Electrical Chafing Dishes, Chafing Fuel Liquid, Chafing Fuel Gel and Table Food Warmers.
  • Serving Trays

    Find what you require in our comprehensive range of Serving Trays, including Non-Slip Trays, Stainless Steel Trays, Wooden Veneer Trays, Folding Tray Stands and Food Trays.
  • Serving Utensils

    A complete range of Kitchen Serving Utensils including Forks, Carving Forks, Salad Forks, Knives, Pie Knives, Lifters, Turners, Fish Slices, Chip Baggers, Pie Servers, Pastry Servers, Spoons, Ladles, Serving Spoons, Salad Spoons, Ladles, Ice Cream Scoops, Portioners, Pea Ladles, Serving Scoops and Serving Tongs.