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Our range of catering disposable supplies are an essential part of any food and drink business.

We sell disposable plates, disposable bowls, disposable cutlery disposable cups, disposable food packaging, straws, stirrers as well as paper products such as paper napkins, doilies and paper table covers.

For safe food storage and handling we offer a range of disposable food labels, disposable food safe gloves with catering cling films, parchments and foils along with the dispensers.

  • Vegware Eco Frendly Disposables

    This extensive range of Vegware eco friendly catering disposables offer quality environmentally-friendly products at great prices. Vegware is a global leader in the supply of plant-based compostable foodservice packaging. These plant-based catering disposables are made using plants not plastic and these lower carbon renewable or recycled materials can be composted with food waste where available. This award-winning range includes cold drink cups, takeout boxes, hot cups, soup pots, salad boxes, food containers, plates, cutlery and napkins

  • Food and Drinks Packaging

    Our range of food and beverage packaging include disposable hot cups, disposable glasses, disposable cutlery, disposable plates, disposable food containers, straws and stirrers.
  • Food Preparation

    Our range of Film, Foil and Parchment is suitable for professional or home use. All products have been specially selected for their quality and are available in 12 inch or 18 inch width cutterbox dispensers. Film, Foil and Parchment is also available in the Wrapmaster 1000, Wrapmaster 3000 and Wrapmaster 4500 dispenser systems. 

    Pre-cut greaseproof sheets which are great for food presentation are also available.

    Our comprehensive selection of prepped food labels include everything required to ensure that food and stock is rotated accurately.

    Food handling gloves are available in Poly, Nitrile and Vinyl styles. There are versions and sizes to fit all users, and are offered in powdered or powder free styles.
  • Paper Napkins and Tablecovers

    Our selection of disposable paper napkins and tablecovers include a comprehensive range of paper napkins including dispenser napkins, cocktail/ bar napkins, lunch napkins, dinner napkins and linen feel fine dining napkins.

    Our range of disposable table covers include banquet rolls, paper table covers, paper slipcovers, table mats, doilies and coasters. Our own best selling ranges are supplemented with the Duni premium ranges and the Vegware environmentally friendy ranges. Whether you are a cafe, sandwich shop, cocktail bar, hotel or fine dining restaurant you will find the napkin or tablecover for you. We also offer a selection of napkin holders and dispensers, as well as the Europochette cutlery and napkin pouches.