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Our Crockery collection includes a complete range of hotelware products from the leading industry suppliers, all at great prices and produced to withstand the rigours of even the most demanding catering establishment. Ideal for use in hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, bars, schools and clubs, as well as holiday rentals and even for use at home. Whether you're looking for an economical range for a new business start up or the most delicate and elegant range suitable for fine dining you will find it within our offer.

We offer porcelain, super vitrified, earthenware, stoneware, fine china, glass and unbreakable melamine from the leading manufacturers of today such as Porcelite, Rustico, Elia, Athena, Steelite, Genware, Utopia, Olympia, Arcoroc and Churchill. Whatever you want you will find within our offering of plates, bowls, platters, cups, mugs and many associated tabletop products. We also offer a complete range of bespoke crockery which enables you to provide that personal touch by adding your own logo.

We can supply any item of hotelware crockery. Please call 01904 628855 or email to discuss your requirements if not listed.

  • Porcelite Crockery

    The Porcelite range of crockery combines a powerful blend of quality, durability, performance and value. The standard Porcelite collection of professional vitrified porcelain is versatile and cost-effective without compromise. The lightweight Banquet range of Porcelite crockery offers a 30% weight reduction compared with the standard Porcelite range.

    The Seasons by Porcelite range is great for inspired presentation in a rustic style. This award winning, hand-decorated vitrified porcelain collection features eight complementary colours to add real rustic charm and individuality to casual and fine dining menus. Storm, Sea Spray, Coral, Stone, Magma. Wheat, Graphite and Oatmeal styles are available.

    Aura by Porcelite adds true distinction to contemporary casual and fine dining menus that demand individuality. This alluring collection features four imposing reactive glazes; Glacier, Earth, Flare and Tide that are sure to delight the most discerning of Chefs and Diners. With a unique and individual finish to each and every piece, Aura boasts the beauty of reactive glaze, expertly combined with the brilliance of trusted Porcelite Professional Vitrified Porcelain. 

    Trusted for performance and style, the refined Prestige collection features contemporary pristine white, versatile shapes and lightweight profiles where needed. Prestige delivers a durable, added-value professional porcelain solution, uniquely created for the passionate Chef. 

    Porcelite Mimoza offers contemporary coupes and traditional rimmed shapes with a softened square profile. The wide range of Porcelite Stoneware is designed to perform in busy catering environments. This collection is oven, microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe, and is ideal for food preparation or presentation. Porcelite Creations offers a range of accent pieces to add creativity to presentation, perfect for sharing dishes.

  • Rustico Crockery

    Add rustic charm to your service with Rustico Stoneware. The perfect platform for truly distinguished presentation, this unique Stoneware collection features versatile items alongside signature pieces to work across the menu. Reactive glazes offer endless combinations, adding real wow factor to casual and fine dining dishes. Rustico Stoneware is microwave and dishwasher safe.

    Rustico Ironstone features freeform shapes with a dark reactive glaze to create stunning effects, perfect for casual and fine dining presentation. 

    Add rustic charm to relaxed and fine dining with the warm tones of Rustico Natura. These statement organic shapes are beautifully finished with a unique sand grain effect. 

    Rustico Carbon offers cast-iron like, matt glazed tableware designed to maximise visual presentation. 

    Vibrant in colour, Rustico Lava works perfectly alone or to complement other collections to create visually striking presentation. 

    The warm tones of Rustico Flame bring a unique hand crafted feel to the table. 

    Reactive midnight blue Rustico Azul is the perfect foil for white tableware offering endless options for innovative presentation. 

    The beautiful Rustico Aztec collection has a metallised semi-matt appearance which shimmers with iron and copper shades, perfect presentation for signature dishes or casual dining. 

    Rustico Impressions offers stunning presentation. This Impressions collection combines shape, colour and embossment for a unique dining experience. Featuring four contemporary shades; Flint, Fern, Aegean and Oyster, this contemporary, stoneware collection features reactive glazes for a truly distinguished edge to casual and fine dining.

    Expressing originality; the well loved charm of Rustico Vintage features subtle shades blended together and beautifully finished by hand with irregular spirals and streaks. Create a unique dining experience that impresses. The natural reactions occurring in the kiln combined with the hand decorated finish of the stunning Vintage collection, results in considerable variance giving each and every piece a truly individual look. 

    Create mood with the Rustico Oxide collection featuring a dark metallic-look reactive glaze with a subtle hammered texture and glints of tone.

  • Simply Crockery

    The Simply collection offers outstanding quality and fantastic value with multi-functional items designed to work across the menu. Classic white shapes enhance casual dining presentation. The great value Simply White collection includes versatile items alongside feature pieces. To add a touch of colour four vibrant shades, perfect for beverage, light bites and sharing menus complement the range.
  • Genware Crockery

    GenWare crockery offers a great choice of contemporary and classic designs all with an extremely durable glazed finish. The GenWare porcelain range offers great quality durable and practical hotelware suitable for any dining occasion. This extensive collection includes multiple plate, bowl, dish and beverage lines with complementary service items. This smart stylish and fully vitrified range with rolled edges is dishwasher, microwave, oven and freezer safe. 

    GenWare Terra Tableware is a great looking range crafted through natural effects and spontaneous reactions which occur in the kiln. The unique glaze effects ensure a truly distinctive look with no two pieces alike. Styles include Rose Terra, Matt Grey Terra, Smoke Grey Terra, Rustic Copper Terra, Aqua Blue Terra and Cinder Black Terra.

    GenWare Terra Stoneware offers a range of rustic colours and shapes ideal to enhance the presentation of South American, Spanish Tapas and Mediterranean dishes. Styles include Antigo Terra, Blue Terra, White Terra, Red Terra, Brown Terra, Sereno Grey Terra, Sereno Brown Terra. 

    The GenWare Cook and Serve range of oven to tableware offer a great selection of roasters, ramekins, oval eared dishes, pie dishes, vegetable dishes and casseroles. A selection of unbreakable melamine and stylish glass ranges complement the offer.

  • Steelite Crockery

    The Steelite Distinction crockery range is some of the finest available, and offers great strength for lasting durability, while also being stylish and elegant. The intelligent design and extensive range of classic and contemporary shapes, patterns and colours allow Steelite Distinction to ensure a truly unique and memorable dining experience, time after time. 

    The Steelite Performance crockery collection offers an unrivalled combination of value, durability and great presentation with the proven reputation of the Steelite manufacturing process. The range comprises smart, functional and affordable pieces in a variety of designs that are easily able to withstand the rigours of daily use. 

    With flowing curves and a subtle embossment, the Steelite Alvo crockery range assures outstanding food presentation to complement any cuisine. Exuding elegance and finesse, the Steelite Antoinette range of crockery will enhance and complement your food presentation and boasts hidden strength for lasting durability. Ultra-refined, the Steelite Bianco crockery collection adds a touch of class to any food presentation. 

    Inspired by hand-crafted, simple county wares, the Steelite Craft collection embodies the beauty of rich, lustrous glazes applied by hand. Steelite Koto is the perfect range of crockery on which to present Eastern and Asian dishes. Steelite Monaco combines the warm whiteness, translucency and sophistication attributed to fine bone china with a unique durability to withstand the rigours of the busiest catering establishment. 

    Combining excellent presentation with practicality, Steelite Simplicity White is ideal for any casual dining occasion from hotel breakfast, through casual lunch to restaurant dining. Steelite Terramesa is a stunning tableware range combining a warm, rustic style with practicality, allowing chefs to present authentic food naturally.

  • Churchill Crockery

    The Churchill Super Vitrified collection provides a great selection of fully vitrified contemporary crockery with a touch of elegance. There is a choice of styles from delicate embossments and vintage prints to bright colours and traditional white, all fully vitrified and strengthened. The Churchill Super Vitrified range offers the perfect solution for establishments with a diverse menu, requiring long lasting, versatile plates, bowls, cups and much more. 

    The Churchill Alchemy collection of crockery offers a wide range of exquisite fine china pieces in complementary designs, all providing exceptional durability and versatility. The Churchill Art de Cuisine range is an exciting tabletop collection which is both highly individual and effortlessly elegant. Featuring a host of different shapes and materials, Churchill Art de Cuisine allows you to pair fine bone china with stunning porcelain and wooden trays, as well as a selection of attractive stoneware items. 

    Super Vitrified Churchill Bamboo is inspired by the organic lines and natural elegance of wild bamboo and features a textured pattern designed to reflect light. Counter-Serve by Churchill is a range of great products designed for use in hot and cold food counter displays. The Churchill Mediterranean range in a contemporary white glaze are ideal for mezze, tapas, street food concepts. 

    Super Vitrified Churchill Whiteware is designed to give restaurants the ultimate lightweight, attractive and durable crockery which is made to Churchill’s exacting standards. 

    Bring flair, finesse and spectacle to your food presentation with the Churchill Studio Prints collection. Stylish and pretty vintage Willow print can be used to add charm to key signature dishes and to create a stylish visual experience. 

    Churchill Stonecast is a superb contemporary collection which blends modern shapes and ideas with rustic tones and is painted by hand, with colours such as Spiced Orange and Duck Egg Blue available. The Churchill Ambience range from Churchill Alchemy is especially designed for fine dining as it features a durable glaze which provides an ultra smooth surface for the benefit of food presentation.

    The Churchill Alchemy White range offers a classic selection of fine china pieces with a contemporary twist on a classic look. Each piece of crockery offers the strength of super vitrified with the delicate fine china feel. The Churchill Art de Cuisine igneous stoneware range feature a unique rustic biscuit edge and is ideal for stylish yet casual dining. Stand out from the crowd with the Churchill's Art de Cuisine Menu collection by creating a contemporary platform for your food.

  • Olympia Athena Crockery

    Olympia Athena Crockery is tough, functional and practical. This great value and popular range of products is made from fully vitrified porcelain, making them ideal for casual dining use in a wide range of hospitality settings. Olympia Athena Hotelware is made from hardwearing porcelain and includes a wide selection of cups, saucers, mugs, plates, and much more.
  • Olympia Crockery

    Olympia catering crockery features a wide variety of traditional and contemporary styles. Offering great value, you will find a range of Olympia Tableware that is suited to any hospitality setting. Available in various shapes and sizes, all products are attractive and versatile, and can withstand the rigours of a busy restaurant, cafe or pub. A full range of bowls, plate, dishes cups, saucers, mugs, jugs and beverage pots are available across the ranges. 

    Popular ranges include Olympia Kiln, Olympia Whiteware, Olympia Black Porcelain, Olympia Enamel, Olympia Ivory, Olympia Linear, Olympia Coloured, Olympia Cookware, Olympia Cafe, Olympia Cavolo, Olympia Fusion and Olympia Build a Bowl.

  • Utopia Crockery

    Utopia crockery offers truly stunning tableware with a luxurious look and feel. The earthenware, stoneware and porcelain dishes, plates and bowls within this collection boast a stylish and rustic appearance which is sure to wow your guests. The minimalist Avebury range and Japanese-inspired Isumi collection, together with the Spanish-themed Terracotta dishes and artisan Tribeca dinnerware ensures that Utopia crockery has everything you need for your table settings. 

    Available in multiple shapes, sizes and styles, the Utopia crockery collection is ideal for use in any restaurant, bistro or café that cares about its presentation.

  • Revol Crockery

    The Revol collection of catering crockery offers beautiful French porcelain, ideal for creating striking food presentation in a fine dining setting. Whether used in hotels, restaurants or wine bars, many top chefs choose Revol to present their menu.
  • Royal Bone China

    The Royal Bone China range offers a sophisticated dining experience providing a translucent brilliance to the table with an extensive assortment of tableware including flat or coupe style plates and saucers, stackable cups and tea serving accessories. Highly polished feet prevent scratching when stacked and improve hygiene. Oven, microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe.
  • Royal Porcelain Crockery

    Royal Porcelain has been created to offer exceptional quality, versatility and variety. The range comprises the traditional tableware essentials with durability and timeless design. This collection of catering crockery is the perfect solution for cafes and restaurants, boasting a wide range of expertly shaped plates and dishes with a multitude of accessories from bowls to cappuccino cups.
  • Arcoroc Crockery

    Arcoroc crockery combines exquisite elegance with immense durability and strength making them perfect for use in any busy restaurant, cafe, hotel, in addition to schools, nursing homes and banqueting venues. Made from Arcoroc's innovative Opal and Zenix® materials, these plates, bowls and cups boast tremendous strength and high scratch, shock and chip-resistant qualities, allowing them to effortlessly endure the rigours of daily commercial usage. We offer a wide selection of Arcoroc plates, bowls, cups and mugs.

    The Arcoroc Opal non-transparent white glass construction gives it many advantages. It's very durable and is up to 3 times more resistant to knocks when compared with other materials on the market. It's brilliant long lasting surface finish is completely non porous making it incredibly resistant to scratches and it is completely 100% resistant to food bacteria.

    The Arcoroc Opal crockery will also provide thermal resistance of up to 135 degrees C. As it is made from 100% glass and is 100% recyclable.

    Arcoroc Zenix combines beauty with durability. The Arcoroc Zenix range features pieces with excellent shock and scratch resistance, as well as perfectly smooth surfaces for long lasting quality and shine.

  • Elia Glacier Fine China

    Elia Glacier Fine China is great for pure dining elegance, be it in a classic or contemporary setting. Featuring gentle curves in a soft creamy glaze, Glacier shapes are the perfect backdrop for food presentation. Durable and great quality the Elia Glacier range offers plates, bowls, cups, mugs and platters.
  • Olympia Lumina Fine China

    The Olympia Lumina range of Fine China products provides all hospitality settings with a touch of class. Olympia Lumina Fine China offers a stunning collection of fine bone china catering tableware, made from alumina enriched china, which gives superior strength to the wide range of bowls, platters and plates available.
  • Melamine and Polycarbonate Crockery

    Our range of Polycarbonate Crockery and Melamine Crockery offer a virtually unbreakable, shatterproof safe and hygienic alternative to china and porcelain.

    Polycarbonate crockery is ideal for use where brightly coloured crockery is required which is light, hygienic and unbreakable. Polycarbonate crockery is far safer than china and porcelain and ideal for use in a nursery, residential home or schools. 

    Melamine crockery looks very similar to porcelain bit is virtually unbreakable. Melamine resists scratching from metal cutlery and stacking. Melamine crockery also resists chipping, preventing accidental damage. Melamine can also replicate the look of natural slate and wood with virtually no chance of becoming damaged, and replicate the look of terracotta without having the downside of moisture retention. Melamine tableware collections are ideal for use in all catering areas where breakages of crockery are common or where the edges from damaged crockery must be avoided such as in schools or care homes.

  • Crockery Storage

    Our range of plate carriers and plate storage boxes will help solve your plate storage issues.
  • Personalised Crockery

    Crockery badging with your custom branding will give your tabletop a professional, personalised look. Custom branding is available on the majority of crockery ranges that we offer, although is particularly suited for use on white crockery, to create the best impact. Personalised bespoke tableware provides a strong, individual identity for any business from small local cafes, restaurants and bars, through to hotels, golf clubs and conference centres. Whether you are branding your entire tabletop range or just key items such as plates or cups, custom branding is an effective method of creating a real impact. 

    Step 1. Browse our comprehensive crockery offer.

    Step 2. Choose your items from any of our crockery ranges (any item can be decorated although we find Porcelite Standard White a great choice with a wide range of options).

    Step 3. Telephone our friendly sales team on 01904 628855 or email to discuss your printing requirements, options, quantities and sizes.

    We have many years experience in decorating crockery. Our printing will not scratch or fade and is suitable for use in all commercial settings. 

    Delivery times can vary although you should plan to leave 3-4 weeks for a first order and 1-2 weeks for subsequent orders.