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Industrial catering serving solutions and sleek display units. With a range of Bains Maries and Soup Kettles; glass display units and hot cupboards, you can be sure to find a match for your everyday serving requirements.
  • Bains Marie

    When preparing large batches of food for the day's customers, a commercial bain marie is the ideal appliance to ensure your meals retain their heat, texture and flavour for extended periods.

     Especially suited for buffets, choose from either wet heat or dry heat models .
  • Soup Kettles

    A commercial soup kettle is a great way to store large quantities of hot food and drink for serving. Not limited to soup alone, a soup warmer is just as capable at holding stews, casseroles, chillies and curries and keeping them at optimal temperature.

  • Hot Cupboards

    A hot cupboard is perfect for the hot holding of plated meals or warm crockery. Available in a variety of sizes, including mobile and static units, we have a heated cabinet here to suit businesses ranging from school canteens to restaurants.

  • Heated Displays

    As many professional caterers are aware, the presentation of your dishes can be equally as important as the quality of the food itself. With our comprehensive range of heated food displays, food warmers and service stations, displaying your food has never been easier.