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We offer a selection of the very best Chefs Knives from around the World. Japanese brands include Tojiro, Kasumi, Global, Tamahagane, Bunmei, Masahiro, Pro-Balance and Tsuki. We also offer top European brands inluding Victorinox, Zwilling Henckels, Dick, Wusthof, Gustav Emil Ern, Sabatier Deglon and Rockingham Forge. To complement our knife offer we also have a great choice of Clothing and Footwear. 

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We have every type of knife for the professional or enthusiastic home chef including a chefs knife, boning knife, fillet knife, utility knife, paring knife, bread knife, butchers knife, carving knife, carving fork, roast slicer, cooks knife, skinning knife, kitchen knife, steak knife, santoku knife, vegetable knife, veg chopper, meat cleaver, Chinese chopper, shellfish knife, lobster pick, oyster knife, fish bone tweezers, fish scissors, wedding cake knife and cheese knife.

We also have a comprehensive range of specialist Japanese knives including a Deba knife, Chutoh knife, Gyutoh knife, Nagiri knife, Shotoh knife, Santoku knife, Tako Sashimi knife and Usuba knife.

Our range of sharpeners from leading knife brands and market leading specialist sharpening brand Minosharp include traditional steels, diamond steels, pull through sharpeners, electric knife sharpeners ad whetstones.

Knife blocks, magnetic knife racks, chefs storage cases, canvas wallets will keep your knives safe and elegantlt displayed. A range of knife sets are also available from all the leading brands.

Our comprehensive range of chefs clothing and shoes include jackets, chefs baggies, bib aprons, bistro aprons, chefs hats and chefs shoes.