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We offer a selection of the very best Chefs Knives from around the World. Japanese brands include Tojiro, Kasumi, Global, Tamahagane, Bunmei, Masahiro, Pro-Balance and Tsuki. We also offer top European brands inluding Victorinox, Zwilling Henckels, Dick, Wusthof, Gustav Emil Ern, Sabatier Deglon and Rockingham Forge. To complement our knife offer we also have a great choice of Clothing and Footwear. 

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We have every type of knife for the professional or enthusiastic home chef including a chefs knife, boning knife, fillet knife, utility knife, paring knife, bread knife, butchers knife, carving knife, carving fork, roast slicer, cooks knife, skinning knife, kitchen knife, steak knife, santoku knife, vegetable knife, veg chopper, meat cleaver, Chinese chopper, shellfish knife, lobster pick, oyster knife, fish bone tweezers, fish scissors, wedding cake knife and cheese knife.

We also have a comprehensive range of specialist Japanese knives including a Deba knife, Chutoh knife, Gyutoh knife, Nagiri knife, Shotoh knife, Santoku knife, Tako Sashimi knife and Usuba knife.

Our range of sharpeners from leading knife brands and market leading specialist sharpening brand Minosharp include traditional steels, diamond steels, pull through sharpeners, electric knife sharpeners ad whetstones.

Knife blocks, magnetic knife racks, chefs storage cases, canvas wallets will keep your knives safe and elegantlt displayed. A range of knife sets are also available from all the leading brands.

Our comprehensive range of chefs clothing and shoes include jackets, chefs baggies, bib aprons, bistro aprons, chefs hats and chefs shoes.

  • Global Knives

    Global knives are made from the finest high carbon stainless steel available, to produce a top quality professional quality kitchen knife. Still hand crafted in Yoshikin, Japan using its own stainless steel called CROMOVA 18, these knives offer a thinner blade with a much sharper and longer lasting edge than many traditional kitchen knives. Their sleek elegant construction with stainless steel handles eliminate dirt and food traps for superior hygiene. York Catering Supplies is an official stockist so you can buy these brand leading and stylish knives with confidence. Available as Global Classic, Global NI and Golbal SAI ranges.

    The Global Classic range comprises the Global G Series of larger knives including the best selling and award winning Global G-2 20cm Cooks knife. as well as other top sellers like the Global G-5 18cm Vegetable knife, Global G-9 22cm Bread knife and the Global G-12 16cm Meat chopper. The Global GS Series is a collection of medium-sized knives for general food preparation such as the very popular Global GS-3 13cm Cooks knife, Global GS-5 14cm Vegetable knife and the Global GS-11 15cm Flexible Utility knife. The Global GSF Series is made up of smaller knives with solid handles, perfect for peeling, paring and chopping smaller food items such as the Global GSF-22 11cm Utility knife. The Global GF Series offers larger durable drop forged knives such as the Global GF-35 30cm Chefs knife which are favoured by many top professional chefs. The range is completed by the Global GT Series of deluxe tableware such as the Global GT-001 Steak knife and Global GT-002 Steak fork.

    The Global NI is the 2nd generation range of Global Knives and comprises the Global GN Series of larger knives, the Global GNM Series of medium knives, the Global GNS Series of smaller knives and the Global GNFS Series of smaller knives with solid handles. These razor sharp knives feature improved blade thickness and new longer perfectly weighted handles and a rounded spine for greater control and cutting performance.

    The Global SAI range of knives are an upgrade version of the traditional Global Classic knife range and features a 3 ply design. The ultra hard central layer provides the cutting edge and is sandwiched between two outer layers that provide extra strength and corrosion resistance. Each blade has an individual hammered pattern design on the blades, whilst the handle features seven dots to represent the seven noble virtues of the Samurai’s code (Integrity, Courage, Compassion, Respect, Honesty, Honour and Loyalty).

    The Global range is completed with a great choice of knife sets, knife blocks, knife carry cases, knife racks, whetstones, sharpening steels, chopsticks, scissors, peelers, matching utensils and a range of products specially selected by Michel Roux Jr.
  • Tojiro Knives

    Tojiro knives are made in Niigata, Japan and have has become famous Worldwide for the production of high quality ultra sharp kitchen knives. They have won many national and international awards in addition to receiving support from many professional chefs, including top celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal. The Tojiro range includes Tojiro Senkou, Tojiro Supreme and Tojiro Sha Ra Ku Mono series.

    The Tojiro Senkou range is made using traditional techniques with the same multi-layered blades of folded steel as used with Samurai swords. They look and perform fantastically well in the kitchen with each knife being carefully assembled and finished to produce a blade which is extremely hard, strong and yet flexible. The larger knives in the range have 63 individual layers of steel and the smaller knives have 37 layers to ensure an ultra sharp blade. These stylish Damascus knives are some the very finest knives available and are finished off with smart comfortable Micarta handle. The range includes the best selling Tojiro Senkou SK-6321 Chefs Knife 21cm. 

    The Tojiro Supreme knives share many of the same characteristics as the Tojiro Senkou range. They use 37 individual layers of Damascus steel with similar hard wearing ultra sharp edge although they use a hollow stainless steel handle. 

    The Tojiro Sha Ra Ku Mono knives are a single piece elegant and stylish angular design made from Molybdenum Vanadium Steel for superior cutting performance, durability, safety and style. 

    The Tojiro range is completed with a comprehensive selection of knife blocks, knife storage cases, sharpeners and knife sets.

  • Kasumi Knives

    Kasumi knives are ultra sharp professional chefs knives manufactured in Seki, Japan to the very highest standards using the latest materials. The resulting products are some of the very best chefs knives available on the market. Available in the Kasumi Damascus, Kasumi VG-10 Pro, Kasumi Hammered, Kasumi Kuro and Kasumi Titanium styles.

    The Kasumi Damascus range is manufactured using the traditional Samuri method of folding 32 layers of of high carbon steel together to produce a wonderful Damascus effect on the blade. This technique ensures a perfect blade, which is extremely hard and ultra sharp whilst being also strong and flexible. The Kasumi Damascus range is finished off with a strong elegant laminated wood handle. The range includes the ever popular Kasumi Damascus SM-88024 24cm Chefs Knife, Kasumi Damascus SM-86025 25cm Bread knife and the Kasumi Damascus SM-84018 18cm Santoku knife.

    The Kasumi VG-10 Pro range of premium knives offer the first 'super steel' western style knife. Forged from one single piece of high carbon VG-10 stainless steel, these knives offer an extremely high degree of hardness. These top quality knives are extremely sharp and very durable. Finished with a marble effect handle, which is beautiful and comfortable to hold.

    The Kasumi HM Hammered Series of premium knives offer a fantastic stylish hammered pattern on both sides of the blade. This hammered effect not only looks great but prevents food sticking whilst cutting. The Kasumi HM Hammered series offers a razor sharp edge with a central VG10 cobalt high carbo stainless steel core. The blade is hard enough to produce a long lasting edge but also allows for easy re-sharpening, and is finished off with a comfortable and stylish POM resin handle.

    The Kasumi Kuro range offers a Molybdenum Vanadian steel blade with a beautiful Damascus pattern of 32 layers with hammered finish on both sides of the blade. These knives look great and prevent food from sticking and therefore makes the knife more hygienic. The handle has an easy to grip octagon shape with black epoxy coating which is water and chemical resistant.

    The Kasumi Titanium top quality chefs knives feature extra sharp edges with Titanium coated Molybdenum Vanadium Steel blades and black heat resistant polypropylene handles. Available in blue, gold or grey.

    A full range of accessories are available including knife sets, sharpeners, whetstones and knife blocks. 

  • Tamahagane Chefs Knives

    Tamahagane Knives made in Niigata Japan specialise in the use of VG-5 stainless steel to manufacture a fantastic range of traditional Japanese knives. VG-5 is similar to the more widely used VG-10 stainless steel but considered slightly easier to sharpen and better for edge retention. Tamahagane knives incorporate a 3 layer construction consisting of an inner core of the extremely hard VG5 steel for superior sharpness and strength, sandwiched between two softer layers of stainless steel for protection and flexibility. Available in Tamahagane Bamboo, Tamahagane San, Tamahagane San Tsubame ranges.

    The Tamahagane Bamboo range has a 3-layer blades with a bamboo effect hollow weighted handle, designed to fit your hand for a better grip. The resulting knife is a unique and full stainless steel Japanese style knife offering great cutting performance. This comprehensive range offers knives from the tiny Tamahagane Bamboo TK-1109 9cm Paring knife right up to the impressive Tamahagane Bamboo TK-1103 27cm Chefs knife.  

    The Tamahagane San range of knives have a 3- layer blades with a classical natural Pakkawood handle. The natural wood of the handle contrasts beautifully with the shining steel of every Tamahagane San Knife. The resulting knife is a classical Japanese knife offering stunning performance. The Tamahagane San range includes the very popular Tamahagane San SN-2122 Carving Set.

    The Tamahagane San Tsubame range offers the 3-layer blades with a hammered finish which prevents food from sticking to the blades and adds to the beauty of the knife. Each knife is finished with a black Micarta handle which is weighted for balance to produce a high performance stunning looking knife.

    The Tamahagane ranges offer a selection of Japanese and Western knives including the Nakiri knife, Sujihiki knife, Santoku knife, Paring knife, Peeling knife, Utility knife Slicer knife and Cooks knife.
  • Victorinox Knives

    Victorinox finest Swiss made knives are world-renowned for the quality of their products and with over 100 years of experience have perfected a range of knives that offers a great combination of quality and price The ice hardened high-carbon stainless steel blades provide an ultra-sharp and long lasing edge that cuts through the toughest of produce with ease, whilst also being highly durable and easy to maintain. 

    The Victorinox Fibrox range offers a great knife blade finished with a Fibrox soft-grip handle that provides a comfortable, reassuring feel within the hand, especially during lengthy periods of use. The clever design ensures a good grip on the handle at all times, helping to improve user safety and confidence with every cut. 

    The Victorinox Rosewood range offers the same great blade with an attractive Rosewood handle that is comfortable to hold and provides a secure grip, whilst feeling high quality and great to look at. 

    Victorinox Nylon handled knives offer great cutting performance finished off with the soft grip, easy care and hygienic nylon handle. This range is a great choice for general use in the kitchen due to their durability and ease of looking after, and offer a fantastic selection of smaller knives where a compact handle is required.

    Swibo knives have long been the preferred choice of butches and fishmongers. Offering a great tough and rugged blade, this range with their durable distinctive bright yellow hygienic handles are now branded Victorinox Swibo. The range of Victorinox Swibo knives are great for use in even the most harsh food preparation areas and include a butcher’s knife, skinning knife, filleting knife and boning knife.

    Victorinox Fully Forged knives offer top of the range performance with the resulting knife being very stable and perfectly weighted, thanks to the one-piece construction and riveting that passes through steel and handle. The balance makes each knife comfortable to hold with a sturdy solid feel to give you confidence with even the toughest job. The bolster provides a seamless transition between blade and handle, giving the user precise control whilst reducing effort.

    The comprehensive Victorinox range is includes a wide selection of chefs knives  including a Cooks knife, Filleting knife, Boning knife, Pastry knife, Bread knife, Palette knife, Carving knife and Slicer knife. Smaller knives include a range of red, black, blue and green handled serrated paring knives, plain paring knives, utility knives and turning knives. The Victorinox range is completed with a great selection of sharpening steels, knife sharpeners, knife storage cases and knife sets. 

  • Wusthof Knives

    Wusthof knives are the preferred choice for many of the World’s finest chef’s offering a great performance knife that is durable and with a knife edge that is extremely sharp and easy to maintain. With over 200 years of experience Wusthof are Germany's premier knife manufacturer, made in Solingen Germany. 

    The Wusthof Classic knives are recognised throughout the world with the classical look of its full steel bolster and triple riveted handle. Each Wusthof Classic knife is forged from one piece of specially tampered high-carbon steel to ensure outstanding cutting performance, strength and durability whilst allowing the knife to be easy to sharpen and easy to clean. The Wusthof Classic synthetic handle design offers great comfort and control ensuring each knife is perfectly balanced, easy to use and allows for effortless cutting. 

    The Wusthof Gourmet range of knives look similar to the Wusthof Classic range but are stamped from one piece of stainless steel rather than forged which is more economic. Wusthof Gourmet knives offer a slightly lighter blade and are finished with the same synthetic handle to that of the Classic range.

    The Wusthof Silverpoint range of knives are also stamped from one piece of stainless steel, offer a black plastic handle and provide an entry point into the range of Wusthof knives offering a great knife at a great price.

    The Wusthof ranges are complemented with a range of knife sets, sharpening steels, turners and spatulas.

  • Dick Knives

    Dick knives are produced to the very highest standards by the highly regarded German knife company Friedr.Dick. Founded in 1778 they have a reputation for producing an excellent quality complete range of high quality knives, sharpening steels and grinding machines for chefs worldwide.

    Dick Pro-Dynamic premium knives can be used in all cooking areas and feature a very sharp stainless steel blade with a hygienic solid plastic handle. Pro-Dynamic knives are also available with colour coded handles. These durable and easy to maintain knives are ideal for use in any busy kitchen.

    Dick Active Cut knives offer a seamless connection between the steel blade and handle, ensuring there is nowhere for bacteria to grow making it an immensely hygienic tool. The Dick Active Cut range features a razor sharp blade made from quality stainless steel.

    The Dick Premier Plus range has been carefully forged into a perfectly balanced and ergonomically shaped knife designed for optimum comfort. The blade is made from chromium strengthened steel to maximise sharpness and offers the ultimate protection against corrosion. Each knife has been sharpened, whetted, honed and polished by hand to offer a superior blade quality.

    Dick Red Spirit knives combine centuries-old Asian craftsmanship with state-of-the-art German technology. The Red Spirit range of knives offer the ultimate in precision, with each blade being made from premium quality polished high carbon stainless steel. The resuling knife is immensely tough and durable with an ergonomically shaped rounded handle to offer a comfortable grip, ideal for very frequent use.

    The Dick ErgoGrip series offers a knife which is very hygienic with a very ergonomic anti-slip plastic handle with extra wide thumb grip and very sharp corrosion resistant blade.

    The Dick Superior series is a combination of a classic, timeless design with a light hygienic handle, perfectly balanced with a high quality stainless steel blade.

    The Dick 1905 series are top of the range fully forged knives made from the finest quality stainless steel. Each blade is highly durable and easy to clean after use, offering excellent edge retention and resistance to most impacts that occur in the kitchen. Each knife has been professionally crafted with its fully-forged design complemented with an ergonomic handle that provides a secure and comfortable grip. The half-bolster design allows for the entire edge of the blade to be used. The design is complemented by the distinctive steel rings embedded in handle to provide a stunning finish.

    The Dick 1778 range is a great quality knife and feature a half bolster that allows for use of the complete cutting edge. These special edition knives take their name from the year Dick knives were founded and offer a cutting edge that is razor sharp allowing you to slice easily through all kinds of food. All knives in the Dick 1778 series are honed and sharpened by hand and presented in an elegant gift box. The handle is made from specially selected plum wood and each knife will have its own unique colour pattern.

    The ranges are complemented by a selection of knife kits, sharpeners and knife storage cases.

  • Zwilling Henckels Knives

    Zwilling Henckels knives offer the professional chef an exceptional knife as would be expected from a company with almost 300 years of experience. Zwilling Henckels knives offer quality, corrosion resistance and blade sharpness that will last you a life-time, and unlike cheaper knives they will stand up to rigorous use, washing and sharpening.  They are very well balanced and comfortable to hold even for longer periods of use.

    Henckels Four Star range offers the classic Zwilling Henckels design of a secure comfortable and ergonomic plastic handle with optimum balance. The quality blade is forged from a single piece of ice hardened stainless steel that offers exceptional durability of the cutting edge, corrosion resistance and a blade that is exceptionally sharp. 

    Henckels Professional S knives are designed for the aspiring home chef. The proven quality and tradition of the riveted handled knives are easily recognizable by the full tang and the full length of solid steel.

  • Masahiro Knives

    Masahiro professional Japanese knives are made from high quality carbon stainless steel in Seki, Japan These knives have hardened blades with razor sharp edges and are finished with anti-bacterial black POM plastic handles. They combine the very best of Japanese technology with a traditional European looks and feel. 

    Masahiro knives are very light in weight, yet perfectly balanced. The composite plastic handle is resistant to bacteria , very durable and much more practical and longer lasting than a laminated wood handle. The handles are a three rivet design and use a very wide full tang almost as wide as the handles themselves. This provides plenty of room for the rivets and still allows room for the handle to cover the tang for an incredibly smooth, seamless rounded handle that feels great in your hand. The Masahiro knife range include the popular Masahiro MH-901 9cm Paring knife and the Masahiro MH-910 18cm Chefs knife. Also available are a range of paring knives, utility knives, boning knives, slicer knives, bread knives, carving knives and santoku knives.

  • Bunmei Knives

    Bunmei knives are the favourite knife of many Japanese cooks. They are made in the traditional Japanese style, and have a typical Japanese look and feel. Finished with a slip-resistant bamboo handle and featuring a traditional Japanese one-sided blade grinding.

    They offer a razor-sharp edge to enhance food freshness and are ideal for raw fish and meat, or any style of Sushi or Sashimi cooking . Made by Yoshikin in Japan, the manufacturer of Global knives, these Bunmei knives use the very latest production methods and high tech molybdenum / vanadium stainless steel in their construction. Our comprehensive range of Bunmei knives include the Bunmei Deba (Butchers) knife, Bunmei Oroshi (Slicer) knife, Bunmei Tako Sashimi knife, Bunmei Usuba (Vegetable) knife and the Bunmei Yanagi Sashimi knife.

  • Tsuki

    The Tsuki range of knives all feature a highly durable Japanese VG-10 stainless steel core hardened to 60 degrees Rockwell rating. This gives each knife a very sharp edge that provides great cutting performance for long periods. Two layers of attractive Damascus steel cover the central core to protect against corrosion and reduce adhesion between food and the blade.

    The Tsuki Series 7 knife range features an ergonomic Micarta handle that is comfortable when being used for long periods and provides a secure hand grip. They are designed to withstand the most rigorous kitchen environments.

    Tsuki Series 8 knives offer the alternative of a stylish machined grip metal handle that not only looks great but provides control and great balance for each knife.

  • Rockingham Forge

    The exclusive Rockingham Forge range of knives are Manufacture for I Grunwerg Ltd from Sheffield, the UK steel city. Using experience and manufacturing techniques dating back to 1948 the range includes the excellent  Rockingham Forge Equilibrium series, Rockingham Forge Ashwood series and the Rockingham Forge Ceramic series.

    The Rockingham Forge Equalibriumi series is a heavy fully forged knife range offering perfect balance and weight. The premium Rockingham Forge Equalibrium range perform very well compared with their European rivals and feature ice-hardened and rust resistant German steel blades. Rockingham Forge Equilibrium knives are finished with a stylish black POM handle that fits perfectly in the hand.

    The distinct hammered effect of the Rockingham Forge Ashwood knife series make them some of the most distinctive knives on the market.The Rockingham Forge Ashwood range offer very sharp blades that have a hammered finish for aesthetic and functional reason. The distinct hammered texture looks great and helps to prevent from sticking to the edges of the knife during use. The German steel blades used in the Rockingham Forge Ashwood series make these knives a classic and stylish addition to any kitchen.

    Rockingham Forge Ceramic knives feature incredibly hard blades made from Zirconium. These Ceramic knives have the advantage of staying sharp longer than steel knives and being completely inert to food.

    The Rockingham Forge range is complemented with a selection of high quality sharpening products to keep all your knives in top condition including whetstones, sharpening steels and pull through sharpeners. 

  • Gustav Emil Ern Knives

    Gustav Emil Ern knives are superior quality knives made in Solingen, Germany, known as the city of blades. Constructed from high grade stainless steel, they feature synthetic handles that look and feel like wood, whilst having all the hygienic advantages of plastic. These top quality German knives offer a superior cutting performance, great balance, ease of use and great durability.

    The weight of the knives mean they are great for tasks such as cutting through root vegetables and meat, or any other heavy duty tasks. Sharpening steels, scissors and a great value knife set complete the range.

  • Sabatier Deglon Knives

    These Sabatier chefs knives are produced by Deglon, one of the original French factories that created the famous Sabatier reputation. These knives feature riveted bolstered black thermoplastic handles and top quality stainless steel blades and are suitable for professional or everyday use. These knives are absolutely one of the best Sabatier knife ranges on the market and are  dishwasher safe. 
  • Pro Balance

    Pro Balance Knives are very sharp Japanese style knives with a unique adjustable balance mechanism to allow each Pro-Balance knife to be adjusted for balance and handle weight as required by the individual user. Each Pro Balance knife features hollow handle which can be opened to allow the user to add or remove the included small weights.


    The one-piece structure undergoes sub-zero treatment that creates an immensely sharp steel, ideal for use in busy kitchens. The fine cutting edge slices through the toughest of foods and the ergonomically designed, non-slip handle feels comfortable and flexible in the hand. Each knife is supplied with weights and has a colour coded end cap for easy of identification.

  • Titan Knives

    Silver Titan knives use patented hybrid technology to produce knives that are extremely light, easy to use and are hygienic. Silver Titan uses a hybrid of ceramic, titanium and silver to produce a great knife. Ergonomically designed handles are non slip and easy to work with, whilst blades are stain resistant, durable and extremely sharp.

  • Colour Coded Knives

    The Colour Coded knife range is great for general kitchen use and help to avoid cross contamination in food due to their colour coding. They are great value and feature quality stainless steel blades with nylon handles that are easy to clean and colour coded.

    These Colour Coded knives are available in red for raw meat, brown for vegetables, blue for raw fish, white for bakery and dairy, green for salad and yellow for cooked meat. Black handled versions are also available for use where colour coding is not required.

    A full range is available including cooks knives, fillet knives, boning knives, bread knives, slicers, palette knives, paring knives, utility knives and vegetable knives in various different sizes and colour options.

  • Kitchen Knives

    These kitchen knives feature a quality stainless steel blade , comfortable handle and offer real value for money. These durable knives are designed to last, making them ideal for use in busy commercial kitchens. This range includes chefs knives, cooks knives, cleavers, bread knives, boning knives, utility knives, filleting knives and more, all of which will remain sharp for a long time, even when subjected to a lot of rough treatment.
  • Knife Sharpeners

    Our comprehensive range of sharpeners are designed to suit every requirement including pull through sharpeners, whetstones, traditional sharpening steels and electric sharpening machines.

    Pull through sharpeners from Minosharp have become the industry choice, are easy to use and provide a great edge on the knife. The Minosharp range of pull through sharpeners comprises the Minosharp SH-220 which is best suited for narrow bladed knives like Global, the Minosharp SH-440 which is a universal sharpener suitable for all knives and the Minosharp SH-550 which has the advantage of a third finer grinding wheel and which is suited to all knives. Replacement Minosharp grinding wheels are available. We also offer other pull through sharpeners from Kasumi, Global, Tojiro, Rockingham Forge, Victorinox and Chantry.

    Whetsones are generally the preferred method by many professional chefs for sharpening a knife. We offer products from Kasumi, Global, Minosharp, Tojiro and Rockingham Forge. Most are available in various grades and many are dual sided offering two grades on one stone. Rough Finish (220/250 GRIT) should be used when knife blades are chipped, damaged or completely blunt, Medium Finish (1000 GRIT) is the main grade required for sharpening knives which have become blunt, Fine Finish (3000 GRIT) can be used to finish your knife off and Super Fine Finish (6000/8000 GRIT) should be used to finely hone your knife. You can usually cover all of these sharpening grades by purchasing two twin sided combination Whetstones together. Minosharp MS-463 Knife guide rails are available to help judge the correct sharpening angle.

    Our comprehensive range of sharpening steels include both traditional steels and diamond steels from Global, Victorinox and many others. Global sharpening steel the Global G-38, Global G-39 and Global G-45 all offer replacement sharpening poles.

  • Knife Storage and Accessories

    We offer a comprehensive range of knife storage solutions that ensure you can keep your precious knives safe and well presented. We have a selection of canvas knife wraps, black nylon knife wraps, knife carry cases and storage boxes. For those who prefer to store their knives on the wall we offer a selection of knife magnets whilst knife blocks will make a fashion statement whilst displaying knives in any kitchen.
  • Knife Sets

    Buying a knife set is a fantastic way of building a knife range in a very cost competitive way. Knife sets are available for majority of the knife ranges we stock and in addition to getting the knives, many are supplied with a bag or case, storage rack or knife block.

    Some of the more popular sets offered are from Tojiro, Global, Wusthof, Kasumi and Victorinox. Our range of Victorinox with nylon handles has proved to be very popular as a starter set, especially with students at catering colleges.

  • Speciality Knives

    A comprehensive range of speciality knives such cranked palette knives, straight palette knives, cleavers, Chinese choppers, wedding cake knives, pizza cutters, cheese cutters, cheese knives, kebab knives and electric carving knives..
  • Scissors and Utensils

    Our offer of smaller utensils from manufacturers such as Victorinox. Our range includes scissors and utensils such as apple corers, canale cutters, fish scissors, sarnishing sets, oyster knives, Cracky lobster crackers, lobster picks, trussing needles, Paris scoops, poultry secateurs, rex peelers, fish tweezers and truffle slicers.
  • Clothing & Footwear

    We offer a comprehensive range of chefs clothing in mens, ladies and unisex styles from leading brands such as Whites, Chefs Works, Genware, Lites, and Birkenstock. 

    Our range of jackets include the best selling Vegas style and jackets employing Coolvent technology to keep you cool and comfortable in hot conditions. Our range offers jackets in XS (extra small) up to 5XL (very extra large) which cover sizes from 32 inch chest up to 66 inch chest. Jackets are available in a choice of colours with both short and long sleeves covering all budgets. All jackets are suitable for commercial laundering.

    Our selection of aprons include traditional bib aprons, bistro aprons, disposable aprons, money pockets, tabards, waterproof aprons, waitress aprons and tuxedo style aprons.The ever popular butchers apron is available in various colour combinations and styles.

    Our range of trousers include both modern and traditional styles including the best selling Vegas style baggies. Colour options include black, white, black and white check, blue and white check, butchers stripe in both loose fitting baggies and tailored styles. All our trouser and chefs pants range are suitable for commercial laundering.

    Chefs shoes in a variety of styles from the economical unisex safety shoe up to the luxurious Birkenstock Super Birki clog and Birkenstock Boston clog are available. Our unisex shoe range also includes protective safety shoes and the ever popular Bistro Crocs.  Shoes are available in a wide range of sizes from 3 to 13 (Euro sizes 36 to 48).

    Every chefs hat you are likely to need including peaked hat, daisy hat, comfy hat, skull cap, bakers cap, baseball cap, hygiene hat, beanie hat, tallboy hat, trilby hat, disposable forage hat, hair net and beard snoods are offered. Our comprehensive range of chefswear is completed with bakers shirts, chefs shirts, food hygiene coats, kitchen t shirts, porters clothing. boiler suits and children's chefswear.