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Our Barware selection has everything a busy wine bar, cocktail bar, public house, restaurant or hotel needs to be well stocked and to run smoothly and efficiently. You will find whatever you need, whether you are a mixologist looking for tools to give you the perfect mix, a sommelier who needs accessories to improve and streamline service or a bartender looking for faster and more stylish way to serve your customers. All of our bar supplies are built to withstand the rigours of regular daily use in busy catering environments. Our comprehensive range of bar accessories include bottle openers, waiters friends, bar blades, spirit dispensers, spirit measures, pourers, stoppers, drip trays, bar matting, muddlers, mixing spoons, mixing glasses, bar strainers, cocktail shakers, wine coolers, ice buckets, straws, stirrers and cocktail napkins. We follow the very latest trends in this rapidly changing and developing market sector to ensure you can choose from the best and latest products are available. Traditional products using glass and stainless steel are complemented with trendy materials such as gun metal and copper products.
  • Syrups, Juices and Mixes

    Our range of mixers, purées and syrups ensure that you can make all drinks consistant in taste and appearance. Purées from Funkin offer an easy solution for offering fruit flavoured cocktails without having to stock all of the fresh fruit. Flavoured syrups from Monin have been developed to be the best available.
  • Bottle Openers

    We stock a number of professional bottle openers and accessories from your standard bartender blades to waiter’s friends. Also available are traditional heavy duty bar and wall mounted corkscrews - these are professional corkscrews which can use two different screws: one for use with natural corks, and one for synthetic corks - both types are supplied. A must have for all bars and waiting staff.
  • Bottle Pourers and Stoppers

    Bottle pourers and stoppers are an essential item for a well stocked bar. They assist in proving a professional service whilst making decant quick, easy and measured. After serving we have a number of bottle stoppers and champagne sealers to ensure that your alcohol stays fresh for you next customer.
  • Spirit Dispensers and Measures

    A full range of accurate spirit measures and dispensers including optical measures, thimble measures and bottle brackets. These accurate and robust products will provide fast and easy to use serving solutions for busy bar staff whilst keeping up to date with Government drinks measurement guidelines.
  • Back Bar Products

    We supply a variety of Back Bar Sundries including Tip trays, Speed Rails, Juice Extractors, Bar Mats, Glass Mats, Pourers, Condiment Dispensers, and Cutting Boards to help the efficiency and organisation of your establishment behind the scenes.
  • Cocktail Accessories

    Our range of Cocktail Accessories includes Cocktail / Hawthorne Strainers, Muddlers, Bar Spoons, Glass Rimmers and mixing glasses. Because of the heavy usage such items will receive, it is important for you to invest in quality cocktail making equipment: look no further.
  • Wine Buckets and Wine Coolers

    In a wide variety of shapes, sizes and materials, these wine buckets and coolers are great in terms of practicality as well as aesthetical design. We supply buckets in stainless steel, acrylic and aluminium. Includes Rapid Cool insulated coolers.
  • Ice Buckets, Tongs and Scoops

    Our range of ice storage and service goods includes insulated stainless steel and plastic ice buckets, hand-operated ice crushers, ice cube moulds, ice scoops and ice tongs. All of these high quality products are suitable for use in a variety of catering environments, including bars and outdoor catering.
  • Stirrers & Dispensers

    We supply a range of stirrers and straw dispensers.  
  • Glass and Bottle Storage

    Good glass and bottle storage is important both in terms of efficiency and in reducing unnecessary breakages. Our range of glass racks, glass jacks, wine racks and speed rails proves that investing in good glass storage does not have to be a huge expense. Cut unnecessary breakages and keep the back of your bar running smooth.