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Bunmei Knives

Bunmei knives are the favourite knife of many Japanese cooks. They are made in the traditional Japanese style, and have a typical Japanese look and feel. Finished with a slip-resistant bamboo handle and featuring a traditional Japanese one-sided blade grinding.

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They offer a razor-sharp edge to enhance food freshness and are ideal for raw fish and meat, or any style of Sushi or Sashimi cooking . Made by Yoshikin in Japan, the manufacturer of Global knives, these Bunmei knives use the very latest production methods and high tech molybdenum / vanadium stainless steel in their construction. Our comprehensive range of Bunmei knives include the Bunmei Deba (Butchers) knife, Bunmei Oroshi (Slicer) knife, Bunmei Tako Sashimi knife, Bunmei Usuba (Vegetable) knife and the Bunmei Yanagi Sashimi knife.

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