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Our comprehensive range of fridges, freezers, chillers, bottle fridges, serve over counters, ice makers and prep units offers leading brands including foster, Polar and Gram.
  • Blast Chillers

    Our range of blast chillers offer a systematic, safe method of cooling food quickly and hygienically, minimising bacterial growth and preserving food quality.
  • Bar Display

     Available in slim single door units and large double door models, our range of drinks fridges come with a variety of features.



  • Commercial Freezers

    A commercial freezer is a vital addition to any professional kitchen, especially those that require reliable long-term storage of meat, pre-prepared dishes and desserts. The range includes a huge variety of catering freezers ideal for takeaways, restaurants, staff canteens or retail outlets. Whether you need a large capacity chest freezer for storing frozen vegetables, or if you require a small under-counter freezer for your bar, the range includes everything.

  • Display Fridges and Freezers

    Our range of display merchandisers include reliable upright display fridges and attractive countertop merchandisers sourced from some of the best-known names in commercial catering equipment.

  • Fridges and Freezers

    Providing practical storage solutions for all types of commercial kitchens, our wide range of refrigeration and freezer cabinets from market-leading brands are certain to suit your individual catering establishment.

  • Ice Makers and Crushers

    A commercial ice maker is considered a valuable addition to bars and restaurants, and many other business or establishments. If your site has ever run out of ice, you'll know the importance of keeping a consistent, reliable source - and what effect it has when you don't. Commercial ice machines are designed for the professional kitchen and as such, are built for constant, reliable everyday use. 

  • Kitchen Refrigeration

    Counter fridges are the perfect space-saving option for the caterer who preps fresh food to go, such as pizza, salads, wraps or sandwiches. Keeping your ingredients easily accessible and at the perfect temperature.

  • Shop Display Refrigeration

    When stock needs to be kept chilled, a commercial display fridge ensures that it's not only kept at the perfect serving temperature, it also attractively merchandises it to maximise sales.