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Vegware Compostable Standard 96mm Cold Cups, 96 Series

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These Vegware cups all have a 96mm rim diameter, and so fit any 96 series lid. The 12oz and 20oz cups are ideal for half pints and full pints respectively. Commercially compostable. A choice of designs are available including the Hula mixed colour design and the ever popular standard 12oz GH014 and 16oz GH015 cups. 

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  • 12oz Standard PLA Cold Cup GH014 R360Y-VW (case 1000), 16oz Standard PLA Cold Cup GH015 R500Y-VW (case 1000), 20oz Standard PLA Cold Cup R600Y-VW (case 1000), 9oz Standard PLA Cold Cup R300S-VW (case 1000), 9oz Green Tree PLA Cold Cup R300-GT (case 1000), 12oz Green Tree PLA Cold Cup R360-GT (case 1000), 16oz Green Tree PLA Cold Cup R500-GT (case 1000), 20oz Green Tree PLA Cold Cup R600-GT (case 1000), 9oz Plain PLA Cold Cup R300S (case 1000), 12oz Plain PLA Cold Cup R360Y (case 1000), 16oz Plain PLA Cold Cup R500Y (case 1000), 20oz Plain PLA Cold Cup R600Y (case 1000), 16oz Hula Paper Cold Cup CV-16 (case 1000) and 22oz Hula Paper Cold Cup CV-22 (case 1000).