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Vegware Compostable White Bio Green Stripe Straw WS-GS

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Our white bioplastic straws are made from ecovio, a compostable plant-based material. Use up to 40ºC. Choose from wrapped or not wrapped, and a choice of sizes. All have a green stripe

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  • Available in Standard Green Street 5mm Ecovio Straw, 8.25in WS05-GS (case 6500), Wrapped Standard Green Stripe 5mm Ecovio Straw, 8.25in WS05-GSW (case 5000), Jumbo Green Stripe 7mm Ecovio Straw, 8.25in WS07-GS (case 5000) or Wrapped Jumbo Green Stripe 7mm Ecovio Straw, 8.25in WS07-GSW (case 3000). Select style required.