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Vegware Compostable Portion Pots and Lids

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Vegware's PLA portion pots contains 79% less embodied carbon than plastic. Choose your size from 0.5oz to 4oz. These bagasse portion pots are also available in a 4oz size, with 99% less carbon than polystyrene. Made from recyced sugarcane, they're perfect for hot dips and sauces. These pots are light and strong, non-toxic and perfect for foods up to 40C.Lids are available separately. The range includes the popular 1oz pot VWPP1/ CL681 and matching lid CK103/ CP395, along with the 2oz pot CF7057/ GK103 and lid CF736/ GK104. 

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  • Pots available as 0.5oz PLA Cold Portion Pot VWPP0.5 (case 5000), 1oz PLA Cold Portion Pot VWPP1/ CL681 (case 5000), 2oz PLA Cold Portion Pot CF7057/ GK103 (case 2000), 3oz PLA Cold Portion Pot CF7056 (case 2000) and 4oz PLA Cold Portion Pot CF7054 (case 2000).Two lids available as PLA Portion Pot Lid (for 0.5/1oz Pots) VWPL1/ CP395 (case 5000) and PLA Portion Pot Lid (for 2-4oz Pots) CF736/ GK104  (case 2000).