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Vegware Compostable Food Carton

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These Vegware food cartons are made from sustainably-sourced paper board with a water-based and compostable grease-resistant lining and leakproof webbed corners. The range is commerically compostable. Beware of cheaper imitations are similar looking hot food cartons with a natural kraft finish, though in fact have a plastic lining and therefore are not compostable. These Vegware products are full eco version - sustainably sourced paper board with a water-based coating, made up with leak-proof webbed corners and fold-in flaps to give a secure closure. Ideal for pasta, pie, mash and gravy and all sorts of hot treats. Some customers use them for wrapping up biscuits or chocolates. It is recommended to test them out with whatever food you have in mind. Popular items in the range include number 5 carton GL859 and number 8 carton GK102

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  • Available as No 1 Food Carton 700ml (11x 9x 6.5mm) 1669 (case 450), No 2 Food Carton 1500ml (19.5x 14x 5mm) 1670 (case 280), No 3 Food Carton 1800ml (19.5x 14x 6.5mm) 1672 (case 180), No 5 Food Carton 1050ml (15.2x 12.1x 5mm) 1673/ GL859 (case 150), No 8 Food Carton 1300ml (15x 12x 6.5mm) 1671/ GK102 (case 300) and 32oz Kraft Noodle Box VNB32 (case 400).