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Within kitchen safety and pest control we offer a selection of product designed to keep you safe in the workplace, including secure cupboards to keep you hazardous cleaning materials, kitchen safety signs and displays, kitchen and entry safety mats and products to help with pest control.
  • Janitorial and Chemical Storage

    Keep your chemicals and janitorial products safe with our range of storage solutions. These secure cupboards are available in a selection of sizes, with secure locks and safety sumps to contain leaks.
  • Safety Signs and Displays

    Our range of signs will help keep you safe around your workplace and specifically your kitchen.

    Included in the range are junior and senior catering packs, butchers catering packs, first aid signs, danger signs, guidance posters, catering hygiene notices, machine caution notices, food preparation and food storage notices, bar notices, fire safety notices and open/ closed signs.

  • Insect Zappers

    Keep your kitchen free of flies, bugs, wasps and other nasty insects. We would recommend using a combination of an electric fly killer that uses UV tubes to zap them, with a fly curtain to keep flying insects out.
  • Safety Mats

    Full range of kitchen safety mats to help you avoid slipping and to help avoid fatigue. Various sizes and styles are available to suit use in entrances, kitchens and other areas around the workplace.