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A full range of food preparation equipment at lowest prices including bar blenders, juicers, food processors, mixers, ice cream makers, dough mixers, meat mincers, potato peelers, potato chippers, meat slicers and hand blenders. Brands include Bamix, Buffalo, Dynamic, IMC, Kenwoom, Kitchen Aid, Magimix, Robot Coupe, Santos and Waring.
  • Kitchen and Bar Blenders

    Whether you are making  soups, smoothies or purées, our extensive range of high quality blenders offer reliability, durability, versatility and performance.  These quality blenders come from some of the most recognised names in the catering industry, including Waring, Dynamic, Kenwood, Dualit, KitchenAid, and Santos.

  • Food Processors

    Whether you run a restaurant, café, hotel or canteen, food prep machines can help you to reduce costs, save time and improve your kitchen efficiency.

  • Juicers

    Juicers can be an invaluable addition to commercial businesses with high demand for fruit juices or cocktails such as smoothie bars, cafes, resort caterers and professional restaurants.

  • Meat Mincers

    Welcome addition for a variety of businesses from catering to healthcare, a meat mincer would be useful anywhere from a butcher's shop to school canteens and care homes. With hand-operated models and heavy duty units to match a variety of possible outputs.

  • Meat Slicers

    Meat slicers are found in all walks of the catering industry from butchers to high-end restaurants, thanks to the versatility of sliced meat as an appetiser, topping or ingredient. These commercial food slicers use adjustable thickness control to create uniform slices of your favourite meat and vegetables without fail.

  • Vacuum Pack Machines

    The range of vacuum packaging machines includes models ideal for the largest catering sites such as staff or school canteens, as well as smaller versions suitable for light duty or home use. Whether you need a large chamber vacuum pack machine or a smaller vacuum bag sealer, the range includes reliable, high quality machines - as well as a huge variety of sous vide bags.