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Sharpeners, Storage and Accessories

We offer a massive range of sharpeners from established knife supplier and sharpening specialists such as Minosharp, including traditional steels, diamond steels, pull through sharpeners, chantry knife sharpeners, sharpening stones, electric knife sharpeners and whetstones.

A full range of knife blocks, magnetic knife storage racks, cases and canvas wallets will keep your knives safe and elegantly displayed. Our comprehensive range of sharpeners will suit every requirement. See our knife sharpening guides on how to use a whetstone, how to use a sharpening steel and how to use a Minosharp pull through sharpener.

Pull through sharpeners are becoming ever more popular and we offer a full range of Minosharp, kasumi and Victorinox pull through sharpeners. The preferred method by many professional chef of sharpening a knife is by using a whetstone and we offer products from Kasumi, Global, Henckels and Minosharp. Knife guide rails are available to help judge the correct sharpening angle.

Sharpening steels include both traditional steels and diamond steels from Henckels, Global, Victorinox and others, whilst we also offer a selection of electric knife sharpeners.

Our selection of knife storage solutions ensure you can keep your precious knives safe and well presented. We have a selection of canvas knife wraps and black nylon knife wraps. For those with an even larger collection of knives we have a small and large knife storage boxes. If you prefer to store their knives on the wall we offer knife magnets. A wall mountable knife storage block is available as is a Bourgeat Knife Sterillisation Cabinet.

For the kitchen worksurface we offer a selection of stylish knife blocks including ones from Global, Kasumi and Masahiro as well as a basic wooden knife block.

Buying a knife set is a fantastic way of building a knife range in a very cost competitive way. Knife sets are available for majority of the knife ranges we stock and in addition to getting the knives, many are supplied with a bag or case, and all at a cost much lower than those of the individual knives alone. Some of the more popular sets include ones from Tojiro Senkou, Global, Gustav Emil, Wusthof Trident, Swibo, Sabatier Deglon and Victorinox.